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Mr Leif Bingebo, project manager. (

Pre-professional preparation
1969, BSc, mathematics, physics and computer science, the University of Umea, Sweden
1999, English for Eletronic Business Communication (EBC), 19 weeks, at the
University of Hull, England
2001, American Business Culture, at the University of Umea.

Industrial experiences
1969-1990, teacher at the Technical Secondary Upper School, Balderskolan, Skelleftea, Sweden
1990-1997, Head of education, Industrial Development Company
1992-1994, Project leader, Idea Workshop, the start-up of a closed-down forest industry
1993-1998, Part time employed by the Swedish Technical Attaché, an organisation
formed by the Swedish government to improve technological transfer to Swedish SME.

Entrepreneurial achievements
Responsible for the pre-study and organisation of the regional, county Västerbotten,
initiative Mobile City, an excellent centre of wireless communication technology.
Expert in IT related techniques and development. Involved in different IT related
R& D projects between 1990-2001. EC the 4 and 5 IST Programme.

1997-2001, Edu Euro Ltd. e-Commerce, B2B, and e-Learning. Planning and start-up
of a European B2B network on the Internet,

2001-2002, senior consultant.
2003- , project manager at Viewrope UETP

Other merits of relevance to the project
1998-1999, County expert performing an IT strategy for Vasterbotten
1999, Responsible for the start-up and planning of the Entrepreneurial University Education,
School of Economics, University of Umea, Sweden.

Project management, experiences
1994-1996, Project Idea Workshop, funded by the Swedish government
1998-1999, WoodPower, a technology transfer project between the UK and Sweden
1998-1999, Modern contruction, a competence development project between the
industry and the University of Lulea. Objective 1 funded.
1998-1999, Effective Production, a competence development project between
the University of Stockholm and the regional industry-. Objective 1 funded.
1999, pre-study of a new excellence centre of Wireless Communication.
2000, the organisation of this excellence center of Wireless Communication.
Objective 1 funded.
2000, Mobile Vision, the Swedish IT commission in cooperation with the Agency
of Swedish Technical Attache, Tokyo.

Ínternational project experiences
1980, expert at the Nordic Minister meetings concerning e-Learning.
1996-1999, the Agora project, the 4 Frame Work Programme project
2001, PedCare, the 5 Frame Work Programme
2001, Newtime, the 5 Frame Work Programme

Member of the board of the cluster InternetBay ( and
Kunskaps- och Tjänsteföretagen i NORR (

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